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Kidz Turn Learning Center

Kidz Turn Learning Center provides a loving, Christ-centered environment for children to develop academically, spiritually and socially.

We consistently provide nurturing care in a stimulating, challenging, and safe environment. Our staff is dedicated to enhance and celebrate each child’s individuality, and help begin his or her lifetime of learning.

Children need and want time and freedom to experiment, explore, move laugh, think and be creative. Our classes offer these opportunities and experiences to children. Our program stimulates growth and learning, and supports ideas through communication.

We provide breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack. Our menus meet all the nutritional requirements by the State of Texas CACFP.

Kidz Turn Learning Center Classes

Kidz Turn Learning Center offers full time classes for children from 6 weeks old to 5 years old. This includes an accredited Pre-K class during the school year. We also have after school and summer programs for Pre-K - 6th grades. Choose a class below to learn more.

Infants Class - 6 weeks-12 months

Toddler A - 13-23 months old

Toddler B - 24-32 months old

3A - 33-40 months

3B - 41 months-4 years old

Pre-K - Age 4 by September 1st

After School/Summer Program

Tuition and Fees

All Day Students:

$ 75.00





$120.00 one time registration fee


2 year olds

3 year olds

Pre-K (all day)

summer day camp (ages 4 & up)

After School Students:

$ 75.00

$ 55.00 one-time registration fee

per week, while school is in session

(plus $15 per day for all day care, i.e., teacher work day, etc.)

Enrollment Packets

Packet 1


Seven years ago, my husband and I made one of the most important life decisions which was who would care for our child while we worked. After interviewing child care facilities and researching online reviews, we chose Kidz Turn to care for our son. Seven years and a daughter later, we have never thought twice about the decision we made. The staff at Kidz Turn takes exceptional care of our children and loves them very much. The same teachers that took care of our son, now seven years later, are caring for our two year old daughter. We like to think of ourselves as fun parents, but when you drive past your child’s daycare facility on the weekend and they cry to go to school, you know, as a parent, that you chose the correct daycare facility.

Cimeron and Nial Kelley

Experiencing Love, Laughter and Learning

My granddaughters have gone to Kidz Turn for over two years now. I love the Christian environment. It makes me so happy to know that God is a big part of this ministry. Your child will experience an atmosphere with awesome staff members who show so much love to each child. The activities they have keep the laughter and smiles on each child’s face. They will learn about the Lord, but will also learn about just being a very important person and being proud of who they are. My granddaughters have grown so much here. Their summer break here is fun and exciting. My granddaughters’ favorite part is “High Voltage” every Wednesday, where they get to worship the Lord, do skits and learn Bible verses. Kidz Turn is an awesome place for your child to be. I’m so thankful for this ministry!

Lori Battles

My husband and I moved to Waco at the end of 2007. Our oldest was only one year old. We needed to find a childcare facility that fit our needs and expectations. My expectations were high. I was teaching Pre-Kindergarten with Waco ISD and had previously taught in child care. Kidz Turn was able to meet my expectations and at a cost I could afford. I went on to have a second child and did not hesitate to put him in the infant classroom. My second son had all the same teachers as he moved up through the classes that my first son had, even 3 years later. My oldest is now in the afterschool program at Kidz Turn and my youngest is in the Pre-K room.

This center has had the lowest teacher turnover from any of the centers I had interviewed (and I interviewed quite a few). The staff all seemed happy and well trained. It seemed like a “big family” that we were getting to join. Each classroom has dedicated teachers who care about the children not only with their academic learning but also their social and emotional needs as well.

Kidz Turn focuses very well on the academic learning of all children from appropriate infant and toddler learning through the early childhood guidelines on up to the pre-kindergarten program. The pre-k program is a state grant funded program that is backed by research and allows the teacher to give the highest quality education to the students helping them be kindergarten ready by the time they graduate from pre-k.

My youngest son has had severe food allergies since he was one year old. Kidz Turn has made it a safe place for him to attend. They go above and beyond to make sure that he has food that is not only safe for him to eat but also nutritious and at times fun. I know he is safe there and I don’t have worry about him being served something he shouldn’t have.

I love that my children love to come to “little school”. Most of the school breaks they ask to go rather than staying home with mom. I believe this alone shows testament to how well my boys are loved by all the staff and what a great time they have there. Between field trips and projects they are always engaged in some type of activity to keep them busy and they love it. I couldn’t ask for a better place to love my children when I am away at work.

Mom of 2 rowdy boys - AP


Infants 6 weeks - 12 months

Toddler A 13-23 months old

Toddler B 24-32 months old

3A 33-40 months old

3B 41 months - 4 years old

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